There are hundreds upon hundreds of different knife brands out there, but what makes something the best? Here’s 5 reasons why we’re convinced Extrema Ratio Italy makes the best knives on market and why they’re the only brand of knives we sell:


To newcomers to Night Vision things can seem quite daunting, with a seemingly endless amount of knowledge required and not all of it readily available. We at Tactical Imports are owners and users of Night Vision equipment and have firsthand knowledge to assist with a ...


We are happy to announce the revealing of our new website! 

When we launched our previous site in 2012 it was very well received and helped provide the footprint for our company's growth over the years. When our ...


Here we will outline several commonly used coupon codes for our online checkout:

ordercombination -Looking to combine two orders without paying for shipping twice, use this to add to existing order. Important:< ...