Extrema Ratio: The Best Knife Brand on the Market?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of different knife brands out there, but what makes something the best? Here’s 5 reasons why we’re convinced Extrema Ratio Italy makes the best knives on market and why they’re the only brand of knives we sell:

Extrema Ratio is based out of Prato, Italy. The company got it’s beginning in the late 90’s, filling a niche market void for law enforcement and military customers that needed high knives they could trust their lives upon. In the 20+ years they have been in business their relationship with law enforcement and military have expanded, working closely with military and law enforcement units to create knives specifically for the end user’s requirements.  Over time they have also expanded into the civilian market, producing knives built for more every day use and even tribute knives –reproductions of famous knife styles and knives with important historical significance –all without compromising on the build quality and design that makes the brand so special.

Extrema Ratio knives are made from N690 Cobalt Stainless Steel from a small plant in Austria, the same steel that is often used in the manufacture of surgical instruments. This steel along with their tempering methods produce a steel of great strength and flexibility, with the capability to take and retain a razor sharp edge. The handles provided on the fixed blade knives are made from a grip polymer called Forprene which provides a very sure and comfortable grip even when wet. The folding range of knives have a shell made from a very strong anticorodal alloy. The best materials are used throughout to ensure reliability and longevity.

To achieve best performance and function, no compromises are made in the design. This makes Extrema Ratio Knives best known for their outstanding ruggedness and their suitability to meet the requirements of the toughest military standards. Extrema Ratio knives are known for overbuilding their knives, they have a level of ruggedness not seen anywhere else. The Extrema Ratio design team uses a 3D system to design new models and create prototypes. Each knife design is meticulously inspected and field tested. There is something alluring about the architecture of Extrema Ratio, their high standards create designs that are uniquely appealing –beauty through function. Extrema Ratio is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and is an official supplier of the NATO forces, code (N/CAGE) AD856

Each knife is hand assembled, hand finished and inspected by the Extrema Ratio team of craftsmen. Extrema Ratio believes that no machine is able to replicating the care and attention to detail that a trained craftsman is capable of. All knives fall under this same level of scrutiny. All knives are individually serial numbered.

Extrema Ratio is so confident in the materials and production that they provide a full no-nonsense lifetime warranty on all of their knives.

This no-compromise approach to the materials, design and craftsmanship  is what sets Extrema Ratio apart in the market, their reputation for excellence is unsurpassed in the industry. Unfortunately this does not come cheap, however you will have something that you can trust even in the most extreme circumstances. Something that will last you a lifetime and never let you down.  Knowing you have the best is a special experience, most owners are so impressed that they end up purchasing multiple after their first.

We are the exclusive Extrema Ratio importers for Canada and carry their full line-up including new releases. Just a reminder, all of our knives have FREE SHIPPING