Welcome to Our New Site!

We are happy to announce the revealing of our new website! 

When we launched our previous site in 2012 it was very well received and helped provide the footprint for our company's growth over the years. When our website was established the majority of users were viewing on desktops and thus the site was optimized for desktop usage. Over the years with the advancement of mobile phone and technology, our site had shifted to predominantly mobile users, which unfortunately the website was not optimized for during it's design.

The new site is optimized for both mobile and desktop users and offers a seamless integration from the legacy site; all order history and user login information remains the same, so no extra work in re-creating accounts. The check-out process has also been modified to account for the latest C-71 coming into force in May of 2022. We have also integrated our out of stock system so that customers can directly subscribe to our notification list vs having to request via email to be put on the list. 

As this is a new site, if you experience any bugs or errors, please be sure to reach out and we will have our team reach out and fix. Thank-you for all your support over the years, and thank-you for visiting!