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  • Kobra EKP-1S-03 Red Dot SightKobra EKP-1S-03 Red Dot Sight

    Kobra EKP-1S-03 Red Dot Sight


    Introducing the legendary Kobra Red Dot Sight. The Kobra Sight is an easy to use, versatile and durable red dot with integrated side mount for attaching to AK or SVD standard interfaces. The Kobra sight features a switchable reticle with four different types; Dot, T-bar, Chevron, and Chevron with dot. There are 16 levels of brightness adjustment to provide accurate target acquisition under an

  • PK-06 Gen 2 Red Dot SightPK-06 Gen 2 Red Dot Sight

    PK-06 Gen 2 Red Dot Sight

    $389.00  $349.00
    Save: 10% off

    Introducing the iconic PK-06 Reflex Sight. Manufactured by renowned Russian Military Optics manufacturer Zenit-Belomo, this sight is well regarded for its durability, small size and functionality. The PK-06 is built from solid aluminum and finished in a reflection free ruggedized finish. It is shockproof, waterproof, with a sealed body for use in severe conditions. The design is slim and snag

  • Shield RMSc Glass Edition SightShield RMSc Glass Edition Sight

    Shield RMSc Glass Edition Sight


    Click here for available mounting solutions. The RMSc is the ORIGINAL compact mini sight for slimline pistols. So popular, that gun companies have built guns around it. The latest to the arsenal is the Glock43x and G48. Shield teamed up with Glock to create a special Glass Edition of the RMSc.

  • Shield RMSxShield RMSx

    Shield RMSx


    Click here for available mounting solutions. A sight aimed at the competitive shooter, the RMSx was specifically designed to answer a call from the competitive marketplace for a Shield Sight with a larger lens. The lens is 80% larger than our current Mini-Sight range. Due to the larger lens, th