Shield SIS2 Sight

Starting at: $599.00

Introducing the all-new SIS2 Sight. The SIS2 is an advancement of the SIS sight providing the following new features:
•Larger Viewing Window
•Streamlined exterior silhouette for more compact profile
•Upgraded internal LED giving better changeability and overall brightness

The Shield Switchable Interface Sight (SIS) is a compact, lightweight ruggedized reflex sight designed for rapid target acquisition at close combat distances and capable of operating under the harshest military environmental conditions. The SIS is an advancement on the CQB sight, combat proven with over 45,000 units in use by the British military. The SIS was designed with real-world application input from Special Forces, Law Enforcement and Military users. 

The SIS sight is manufactured in England using hard anodized aluminum construction. Smaller and lighter than the competition, at just 2oz and just 2” x 1.5” x 1.1” in size, the SIS is a versatile sight optimal for a variety of uses including: as a primary optic, offset rifle mounts, offset scope mounts, and in conjunction with magnified optics. The SIS features a switchable reticle system (1MOA, 8MOA, 1MOA & 65 MOA Ring, 8MOA & Ring), allowing the user to change reticles depending on the type of firearm being used or to tailor to mission requirements. Being an enclosed sight, it can be used in the rain without worry of water getting between diode and lens

The brightness is controlled automatically based on ambient light conditions, however it can also be adjusted manually via side buttons to fit user requirements. In order to minimize the visual signature, the SIS is designed without a red reflective filter on the lens.

The SIS has a streamlined design to prevent snagging of body parts on slings, harnesses, vegetation, etc. The SIS includes a variable height picatinny mounting system, allowing the user to adjust the height of the SIS for optimal check weld on various system platforms, to co-witness with iron sights or align with a magnifier.

Comes with variable height picatinny mount, dust cover, battery, and manual.

•Manufactured in England using hard anodized aluminum construction
•Just 2oz and just 2” x 1.5” x 1.1” in size
•Switchable reticle system
•Automatic Brightness adjustment with manual override buttons
•Streamlined design prevents snagging with slings, harnesses, vegetation, etc.
•Includes variable height mounting system
•Non-coloured front lens to reduce visual signature
•Compatible with night vision
•Waterproof 1m 30 mins
•No POI change with temperature change

Magnification: 1x, parallax free
Lens Coating: Anti-Reflection (colourless, minimizes visual signature)
Brightness Adjustment: Automatic or 12 level manual
Operating Temperature Range: -46 - +49 degrees Celsius
Climatic: Heavy Rainfall, mist, fog salt spray
Water Immersion: 1m, 30 mins
Drop: Rifle-mounted, dropped onto concrete from 1.25m on all faces -46C
Thermal Shock +21C to -46C in 3 minutes, +58C to +21C in 3 minutes
Dot Size: 1 MOA, 4 MOA, 8 MOA
Battery: CR 2032 button cell
Length: 52mm
Width: 38mm
Height: 29mm
Weight: 61g
Battery Life: 1 year, Average 3 years
Brightness Range: Night Vision to Visible against sky in bright daylight
Housing: Anodized Aluminum; Matte Black
Mount: Polymer Variable Height Picatinny, optional mounting solutions available