Shield RMSx Glass Edition Sight


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Now standard with glass lens for improvement in clarity and better resistance to surface abrasion.

A sight aimed at the competitive shooter, the RMSx was specifically designed to answer a call from the competitive marketplace for a Shield Sight with a larger lens. The lens is 80% larger than our current Mini-Sight range.

Due to the larger lens, the RMSx will help shooters to find the dot earlier in many scenarios, such is when shooting on the move or in an unstable positions. The large lens, allows for faster first shot times as the shooter is able to find the dot earlier and to decrease shot-to-shot times by allowing the shooter to stay with the dot during recoil.

The RMSx follows tradition at Shield maintaining the famous Shield Footprint, enabling it to be mounted on to any existing mount or slide cut for our Mini-Sights and is meticulously machined to have a sharp, modern look.

The RMSx will be the first sight to be delivered with our new increased efficiency LED and utilizes the proven electronics that have enabled our shooters to fire over 70,000 rounds without any reliability issues.

With a return rate that is lower than 1% and a 100% customer satisfaction record in a recent survey, Shield Sights proudly stand by their products and most importantly their promise of “once a customer always a customer”

The Shield Reflex Mini Sight (RMS) is a compact, lightweight micro red dot sight designed for rapid target acquisition at close combat distances. The sight body is made from aerospace-grade aluminum and has an anodized matte black finish. The RMS is a versatile sight optimal for a variety of uses including: pistol sights, offset rifle mounts, in conjunction with magnified optics and scopes and as a primary optic on compact rifles, carbines and shotguns. Built in the UK to rugged military specifications.

The RMS features automatic adjustment for ambient light conditions and advanced circuitry that allows for a 3 year battery life. In order to minimize the visual signature, the RMS is designed without a red reflective filter on the lens. The RMS is based on the successful polymer SMS sight, combat proven with over 15,000 units in use by the British regular army and Special Forces, as well as US, Australian, New Zealand Special Forces and other NATO forces.

Comes with battery and manual.

•Large lens for improved shootability
•Designed without a red reflective filter on the lens to ensure minimal visual signature
•Auto-adjust dot intensity, designed to prevent dot washout from bright targets
•Up to 3 year battery life
•Rugged aluminum housing
•Compatible with night vision
•No POI change with temperature change
•Offered in 4 MOA

Magnification: 1x (no magnification)
Dot size: 4 MOA
Material: aluminum, glass
Size: 42 x 34 x 23 mm, 1.7 x 1.4 x 0.9 inches
Weight: 17.5 grams, 0.61 ounces
Battery: CR 2032 button cell
Battery life: Up to 3 years
Brightness Range: Low -Night Vision, High -Visible against the sky in bright daylight