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  • GSCI CRF-1200A Compact Laser RangefinderGSCI CRF-1200A Compact Laser Rangefinder

    GSCI CRF-1200A Compact Laser Rangefinder


    In the ever-evolving landscape of military and law enforcement operations, precision and efficiency are paramount. Meet the CRF-1200A Compact Laser Rangefinder Attachment, a groundbreaking advancement designed to enhance your primary thermal imaging or fusion device with unrivaled accuracy and convenience. The CRF-1200A is a game-changing enhancement for military and law enforcement professiona

  • GSCI QRF-1200 Laser RangefinderGSCI QRF-1200 Laser Rangefinder

    GSCI QRF-1200 Laser Rangefinder


    The QRF-1200 is the all-in-one eye safe 905nm laser rangefinder (LRF) unit with enhanced capabilities featuring built-in GPS, Compass, Visible or IR Laser Pointer and IR illuminator. It is the ultimate tool for reconnaissance work, tactical surveillance, and engagement within any visible range. This versatile unit can be installed on any weapon or optical systems, and used for manned or unmanned r

  • LRB 6KLRB 6K

    LRB 6K


    The LRB 6K is ready to go to work providing dependable, accurate distance, azimuth, inclination and speed measurements out to maximum distances of 6 km (NATO standard target). This binocular packs premium optical quality and Newcon Optik’s most advanced rangefinding system into a housing that is built to last. The LRB 6K is tripod mountable, compatible with night vision monocular systems, and

  • Newcon LRM 2KNewcon LRM 2K

    Newcon LRM 2K


    The state-of-the-art LRM 2K combines excellent 7x optics with the world’s most advanced laser rangefinder technology. Revised approaches in optical, mechanical and electronic engineering allow target acquisition at longer distances with better reliability under a wide range of harsh weather conditions. This model allows observation of distant objects with superb image quality along with accurate d

  • Newcon LRM 7x25 Laser Rangefinder MonocularNewcon LRM 7x25 Laser Rangefinder Monocular

    Newcon LRM 7x25 Laser Rangefinder Monocular


    Newcon Optik’s bestselling line of laser range finder monoculars combines industry-leading laser measurement technology, crystal clear optics and simple to use controls into a compact, sturdy package well suited to conditions in the field. The LRM 1500M is for users requiring basic functionality and high reliability. It features a true measurement range of 1,500m (NATO target) and can recall 10 me

  • Newcon Seeker SNewcon Seeker S

    Newcon Seeker S


    The SEEKER S and SEEKER M represent Newcon Optik’s next generation laser rangefinders. Both of these devices are mountable LRFs that can be boresighted to any optical system. Whether mounted on a rifle, spotting scope, binoculars or thermal imager, these powerful devices instantly add long rangefinding capability in a compact, lightweight package. Used in tandem with an Android-based applicatio

  • Newcon Spotter LRFNewcon Spotter LRF

    Newcon Spotter LRF


    The SPOTTER LRF and SPOTTER LRF PRO are the first of their kind—combined spotting scope/laser rangefinder systems. They make it faster, easier and more accurate than ever before to acquire range, inclination and azimuth data on long distance targets. Both models are built to MIL-STD-810G standards and are fully ruggedized to handle real-world military deployment. With 15-45x variable magnif

  • Newcon LRB 3000 Pro 7x40 Laser Rangefinder BinocularNewcon LRB 3000 Pro 7x40 Laser Rangefinder Binocular

    Newcon LRB 3000 Pro 7x40 Laser Rangefinder Binocular


    Medium range laser rangefinder binocular LRB 3000 incorporates the latest achievements in optronics, laser technology and electronics in its design. These binoculars combine uncompromised optics with advanced data processing algorithms. The LRB 3000 instantly measures distance up to 3000 meters and speed using the highly accurate time-of-flight delay method. LRB 3000 measures azimuth with built

  • GSCI QRF-4500 Advanced Laser RangefinderGSCI QRF-4500 Advanced Laser Rangefinder

    GSCI QRF-4500 Advanced Laser Rangefinder


    The QRF-4500 is the all-in-one laser rangefinder unit with increased capabilities featuring built-in GPS, compass, laser pointer and IR illumination. Its is the indispensable tool with multiple capabilities used for reconnaissance, tactical surveillance, and other scenarios. Its operation capabilities and functionality by far exceed similar systems on the market. The compact size of the QRF-4500 a