GSCI QRF-1200 Laser Rangefinder


The QRF-1200 is the all-in-one eye safe 905nm laser rangefinder (LRF) unit with enhanced capabilities featuring built-in GPS, Compass, Visible or IR Laser Pointer and IR illuminator. It is the ultimate tool for reconnaissance work, tactical surveillance, and engagement within any visible range. This versatile unit can be installed on any weapon or optical systems, and used for manned or unmanned remote-controlled aiming systems.

The low-profile and compact size of the QRF-1200 allows easy mounting and free access to the controls of the unit without interference with other aiming systems. Aluminum-milled housing provides excellent structural rigidity, outstanding shock protection and IP67 rating.

Our LRF system can be used in combination with a wide variety of optical-electronic systems, including daytime sights, night vision, thermal imaging, and fusion devices. It displays ranging information and coordinated on the screen of all GSCI-made thermal and fusion systems. The QRF-1200 performs the function of a ground target designator, which makes it a perfect day/night surveillance and fire control system for a whole unit.

The QRF-1200 is ready to replace all discrete, single-function gadgets: all information is presented on one display to increase operatorís efficiency. When combined with professional tools, it increases hit probability on the first attempt and facilitates the correction of next shots.

Comes with:
- QRF-1200 unit
- IR Illuminator Attachment
- USB Power Cable
- Cleaning Kit
- Soft Carrying Pouch
- Hard Carrying Case
- User Manual