Newcon LRM 7x25 Laser Rangefinder Monocular

Starting at: $896.00

Newcon Optik’s bestselling line of laser range finder monoculars combines industry-leading laser measurement technology, crystal clear optics and simple to use controls into a compact, sturdy package well suited to conditions in the field. The LRM 1500M is for users requiring basic functionality and high reliability. It features a true measurement range of 1,500m (NATO target) and can recall 10 measurements from device memory. The LRM 1800S features a true measurement range of 1,800m (NATO target) and performs accurate speed measurement. For border patrol, law enforcement and other professionals tasked with perimeter control, the LRM 1800S is an invaluable tool.

The LRM 2200SI features a true measurement range of 2,200m (NATO target) and is reliable in practically all weather conditions. The built-in digital magnetic compass and inclinometer enable accurate azimuth and inclination measurements.
In combination with an NVS 14 series night vision monocular, each device in the LRM line can operate 24 hours a day.

All models measure distance to terrain features and still objects. Results can be displayed either in metric or imperial. A selectable reticle, target quality indicator, scan mode and measurement recall are all standard features. 1800S, 2200SI and 3500CI and up can measure speed of moving objects. The 2200SI and 3500CI feature compass, inclinometer, gating and first/last target capabilities.

Each model number corresponds to it's rangefinding capability:
1800S -1800 meters
2200SI -2200 meters
3500CI -3500 meters

Comes with manual, carrying case, carrying strap, battery, and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Features:•Rubber grip panels for secure grip
•Seperate sensors for superior reading capabilities
•0.5 second measurement time
•Advanced electronics and software provide unmatched reliability in adverse conditions and excellent repeatability on difficult to range targets
•Canadian manufacture
•Rear ocular can be used in conjuction with Newcon NVS night vision monoculars
•Integral rubber cover protects optics when not in use. Attached to the optic so it won't get lost
•Target quality indicator
•Metric or imperial display
•Measures speed
•Selectable reticle
•Scan mode
•Measurement recall