Newcon LAM 3G


The LAM 3G is a multi-laser aiming system equipped with collimated visible and IR lasers designed to reach out to 2,000m. Built-in IR illuminator and IR aiming laser provide covert tactical precision when paired with night vision devices. Features an adjustable IR illuminator for better illumination at longer ranges, dual activation switches and high/low power modes ensures appropriate laser intensity during training exercises. With a quick-release M1913 mount, the LAM 3G is among the lightest aimers in its class and is the right choice for professional operators demanding unrivaled performance and reliability. The unit is constructed of high-strength aluminum and can withstand rigors of tactical life on virtually any weapon platform.

Comes with case, pressure switch, battery and manual. In stock and ready to ship.

Warning: This is a full power non-eye safe unit. IR lasers can cause eye damage and burn out NVD's, it is important to only use high power mode when extra distance is needed and be weary of errant reflections.

•Meets full military specifications
•Compact, lightweight
•Quick release mount
•Windage / Elevation adjustment mechanism
•Remote control (membrane type switch)
•'Laser On' warning indicator
•Three independent laser channels
•Variable size of illumination spot
•Class 3B laser