GSCI PVS-14C Monocular

Starting at: $2,689.00

The PVS14 is loaded with unique features and practically surpasses the most popular and leading brands. Equipped with high quality optics and select grade Image Intensifier Tubes, the PVS14 is a Real Performer.

PVS14 built in accordance to GSCI proprietary LDH™ Concept (Light Durable Housing), has strong, durable, light weight body and smallest in Industry physical dimensions.

While one side of monocular comes with “dove tail” bracket, commonly used in MUM‐14 type systems, another side allows to connect PVS‐14 type “J”‐arm with magnetic switch. Additionally, on the both sides of the monocular body located 1/4‐20 tripod threads which allow to attach various optional accessories.

In order to attach monocular to the head gear or helmet mount can be used with “J”‐arm adapter‐interface. Monocular can be used with various “PVS‐7/14” type head gears or helmet mount. Besides unlimited “hand held” applications, PVS14 can be used as “quick attach” weapon mountable NV Monocular. PVS14 accepts various afocal lenses 3X or 5X magnification.

Comes with Demist Shield, Sacrificial Window, Daytime Filter, AA Battery Extender, Neck Cord, Soft Pouch, Hard Case.

Built to order by manufacturer. Gen 3 tubes will not be available until early 2024

As per industry standard, some spots, dots, chicken wire or other cosmetic imperfections are allowed by tube manufacturers for commercial grade image intensifier tubes (CGT). Milspec grade image intensifier tubes have higher standards for cosmetic imperfections. Manual gain included with Photonis tubes.

PVS-3151 (51 degree FOV upgrade) is now available.
Note: 51 degree FOV comes at the expense of eye relief. It is not recommended if one uses glasses or plans to shoot/wear eye protection while wearing.

See link below for available accessories:
GSCI Night Vision Accessories

•7 Year Warranty
•MIL‐STD‐810E Compliant
•Integral IR illuminator
•Automatic Brightness Control
•Uses commonly available AA or CR123 batteries
•50 hour operating time
•Small and lightweight
•Multiple uses modular design; including head/helmet mount, handheld, etc.
•J-Arm Magnetic Switch or Dovetail bracket attachments