Cadex Universal Helmet Strap Kit


The Cadex NVG Helmet Mount provides operators with the ultimate precision mounting platform for night vision devices. NVG devices are held rigidly in the viewing position and when flipped up, are locked firmly into position. Rugged adjustment mechanism for easy one hand operation.

-Personalized height and eye relief of night vision device.
-An easy-to-use screw mechanism gives the operator complete control of the tension of the flip-up mount.
-Provides mounts for both bayonet and dovetail type brackets.
-Optional counter-weight or battery pack bracket.
-Available for different helmet designs.
-Ultra lightweight.

-Dimensions: 15.14" x 4.5" x 7.72" | 38.47 x 11.44 x 19.61 cm
-Weight: 181g
-Material: Nylon ST-801 Black