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  • MF0MF0



    MF0 is the “little” version of the MF series and is basically the compact version of MF2. It mantains all the MF2 characteristics with the exception of the handle, which is reduced to the minimum lenght. The blade is shortened making it similar to our Shrapnel “back up” knife. All MF knives are equipped with rear glassbreaker. The circular milling on their handle makes it easier to change the grip

  • MF1MF1



    All MF knives are equipped with rear glassbreaker. The circular milling on their handle makes it easier to change the grip position from sauber to reverse grip. The clip is reversable. The double screw enables the opening regulation strength. Desert Warfare finish is special order; additional 4-8 weeks lead time. Free shipping. Specifications:Weight: 166g Blade Lengt

  • T911T911



    On 19th December 1941, at Eluet El Asel, about 400 men of the 1st Battalion of Royal Paratrooper Carabinieri braved the assault of several Indian battalions: jumping from their foxholes and throwing improvised grenades, the “desert lions”, as Radio London defined them, held the line, allowing thousands of German and Italian soldiers to safely retreat. This was the first action in the history of It

  • MF2MF2



    All details of MF series are also valid for MF2. In MF2 the sub hilt makes the grip extremely stable and avoids slippage of the hand on the blade. The blade guard enables a fast opening when pushing it with the forefinger of the holding hand (semi-assisted opening). The Ordinanza Col Moschin version is only available in black. Desert Warfare finish are special order; additional 4-8 weeks

  • HF2 DHF2 D

    HF2 D


    This folding knife is made for those who are looking for sturdiness and reliability of a fixed blade but also for compact sizes. Its N690 steel blade is available with Drop or Tanto point. For standard use there is the well known liner lock. In case of hard extreme works it is recommended to insert the steel pin in the proper hole to cross the handle and the blade, obtaining in this way a stur




    This new folding knife comes out from a cooperation and planning phase with G.I.G.N. (special unit of the French national Gendarmerie). To maximize penetration, a special blade tip has been developed. On the back side of the handle it has a special tool to cut plastic handcuffs. It comes with a rear glass breaker, reversible clip and safety lock. The sheath has a hard ABS structure on a cordura ba




    This folding knife has been developed together with material experts of Jagdkommando Unit, the Austrian Army special force. The blade-tip is designed to maximize penetration. It also features a glass-breaker, a clip with three attach positions and a safety lock. Its handle is produced with a particular finishing, improving its grip. The desert kydex sheath is M.O.L.L.E. system compatible and accom




    The Extrema Ratio Frame Rock is a new knife, based on the design of the Ti-Rock, a successful framelock custom made knife that Extrema Ratio has realized for a renowned Italian distributor. The Extrema Ratio Frame Rock is characterized by the titanium grip that offers great toughness and yet is very light. The frame lock integrity and duration are guaranteed against wear by a heat-treated steel