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  • Newcon NCFLNewcon NCFL

    Newcon NCFL


    The NCFL 9 series is comprised of compact, mountable illumination/aiming systems that can be utilized on a wide variety of weapons including handguns and assault rifles. Each model in this series has a distinctly unique feature set, ensuring there is an NCFL 9 perfectly suited to every application. NCFL 10: The only compact illuminator/aimer to feature a built-in digital camera, that allows co

  • Newcon LAM 3GNewcon LAM 3G

    Newcon LAM 3G


    The LAM 3G is a multi-laser aiming system equipped with collimated visible and IR lasers designed to reach out to 2,000m. Built-in IR illuminator and IR aiming laser provide covert tactical precision when paired with night vision devices. Features an adjustable IR illuminator for better illumination at longer ranges, dual activation switches and high/low power modes ensures appropriate laser inten

  • Newcon LAM 4GNewcon LAM 4G

    Newcon LAM 4G


    The LAM 4G is an all-in-one aiming and illumination system . A 4-channel device, the LAM 4G includes a visible green laser and LED flashlight, IR aiming laser and IR illuminator. The LAM 4G provides the utility and operational effectiveness of an IR laser aimer with a variable spot scene illuminator. The LAM 4G is amongst the lightest aimers in its class A 4-channel device. It includes a visibl