MasterMount Accessory Side Rail


Built into the struts supporting the top rail of the MasterMount Optic Mounts are cut-outs that allow for the use of optional Accessory Side Rails. This provides an additional attachment point for an accessory such as a flashlight, aiming laser / IR light source, or a micro dot set at a 45 degree angle. This short picatinny rail section is specifically designed for the AK Master Mount optic mounts and attaches by the proprietary clamping system.

The picatinny rail is constructed of 6061 aluminum to be tough, but yet lightweight. It is finished with black type III hardcoat anodizing for added strength. The retaining base plate is heated treated steel with nitride finish. The picatinny rail section measures 2 2/16" inches long x 13/16" wide and weighs 0.5 ounces/14g.