MasterMount Type 81 Side Rail

Starting at: $99.00

No-drill, Picatinny Side Mount for Type 81, manufactured by AK MasterMount USA. The mount was custom engineered and manufactured specifically for the Type 81 rifle and was extensively tested to ensure reliability, durability and zero-holding properties. The side mount installation is completely reversible and does not involve any drilling or permanent alterations to the rifle. Fits all Type 81 versions except Underfolder.

This “NO-MOD” steel optic mounting side rail is the perfect accessory for the Type 81 in order to mount optics and accessories. It attaches to the hammer and trigger axis pin holes by the use of threaded axis pins, standard on Type 81 SR and optional as an Optics Ready "OR" model Type 81 SE. Threaded pins are optionally available for rifles without built-in receiver pins. No drilling, tapping, riveting, or gunsmithing needed.

This steel side rail is low profile, rock-solid, and parallel to the barrel. The side rail dimensionally is the standard AK pattern, however was specifically designed for the AK MasterMount Optics Mounts for ideal positioning, cheek weld and ergonomics. Made from 1018 steel.

The pins are custom manufactured in the USA of Grade 8.8 strength steel.

Installation Instructions: Click Here