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    Though named after a short and pointed Roman dagger, our own PUGIO sports a cuttlebone-shaped hilt reminiscent of the longer Caucasian knives. It’s a boot dagger, a self-defense backup weapon excellently suited for concealed carry. The blade is hollow ground, while absence of guard prevents accidental entanglement in close quarters. Includes an easy-locking BELT-CLIP hard sheath, adjustable for ca




    SUPPRESSOR C is a compact-size version of the SUPPRESSOR dagger, designed for close quarters combat. Free Shipping. Specifications:Weight: 261g Blade Length: 113mm Total Length: 253mm Main Blade Thickness: 6.3mm Blade Material: Bohler Steel N690 (58HRC) Handle Material: Nylon Blade Serration: No Main Grinding: Flat Blade Finishing: Burnishing MIL-C-13924




    Extrema Ratio feels honored and deeply grateful toward the G.I.S., the renowned counter-terrorism unit of the Carabinieri (Italian military police), for requesting this memorial dagger, issued to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the unit. - Suppressor Operativo: burnished, without military logo and comes with a side sheath. - Suppressor Ordinanza G.I.S.: burnished with G.I.S. logo




    The “Arditi Distruttori della Regia Aeronautica” (lit. royal air force brave destroyers) were an Italian battalion serving in the North African theater during WW2, and awarded two silver medals of honor. They were tasked with complex sabotage operations against enemy airfields, which they accomplished employing then unprecedented guerrilla tactics. Now the 17° Stormo Incursori (17th Raiders Wing)




    A dagger that enters the history of our country in the Second World War, thanks to the young soldiers exploits of the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron “Folgore”, which were equipped with this weapon during Operation Herring. A dagger that has behind it an heroic piece of history about which little is said, despite the devotion to the cause and the courage of these young boys have written an importan