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The “Arditi Distruttori della Regia Aeronautica” (lit. royal air force brave destroyers) were an Italian battalion serving in the North African theater during WW2, and awarded two silver medals of honor. They were tasked with complex sabotage operations against enemy airfields, which they accomplished employing then unprecedented guerrilla tactics. Now the 17° Stormo Incursori (17th Raiders Wing) of the Italian Air Force picks up their glorious heritage as a special force. As a tangible token of continuity, members of the 17th line up and parade carrying combat daggers at their belts, as the Arditi used to carry. This ADRA dagger, with its classic European shape, was designed for and with strong input from the commanders and operatives of the 17th. Thus begins its road of honor and duty.

ADRA is now available in three versions:
- ADRA Operativa: burnished, without military logo and comes with calf sheath.

- ADRA Ordinanza 17° Stormo: burnished, with 17° Stormo logo, comes in ABS case engraved with both sheath: calf sheath and sand color ceremonial belt sheath.

- ADRA Special Edition 17° Stormo: numbered but NOT in limited edition. Wooden case and satin finished blade and parts. Comes with 17° Stormo logo and motto and cerimonial belt sheath.

Ordinanza 17° Stormo and Special Edition 17° Stormo are special order; additional 4-8 weeks lead time.

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Specifications:Weight: 331g
Blade Length: 178mm
Total Length: 311mm
Main Blade Thickness: 6.3mm
Blade Material: Bohler Steel N690 (58HRC)
Handle Material: Nylon
Blade Serration: Yes
Main Grinding: Flat
Blade Finishing: Burnishing MIL-C-13924