GSCI UNITEC-B Long-Range Tactical Thermal Binoculars

Starting at: $10,499.00

The UNITEC-B is a thermal binocular system designed for multiple applications that involve reconnaissance and tactical surveillance at long-range distances.
The latest generation silent and Auto-NUC sensor is at the base of the UNITEC-B. GSCI proprietary hardware and software solutions are built around the sensor and offer exceptional image quality along with unique tools for added tactical advantage and user safety.
The UNITEC-B has dual-AMOLED display system that designates one hi-res AMOLED display for each individual eyepiece and has no moving parts inside. UNITEC-B can be comfortably operated for prolonged viewing periods without eye strain.
With full-aluminum enclosure, the UNITEC-B is all-around professional thermal imaging solution for day- and night-time operations that demand long-range observation capabilities.

Advantages of UNITEC-B:
- Fast Objective Lens
- Auto-NUC FPA:
- Optional built-in video recorder
- Up to 8 hours battery life
- ITAR- free system: available for export

Additional Information for optional accessories:
- Remote Control Unit (TRC-120): Comes with connection cable. You can control your device, feed its video signal to an external display or supply power from an external power source.
- Batter Pack (MVP-240): Comes with connection cable. High capacity battery pack.