GSCI TI Gear Clip-On

Starting at: $8,379.00

Meet the legendary GSCI quality in the new line of thermal imagers. TI-GEAR-C is the high-performance thermal clip-on sights. Compatible with most daytime sights, and suitable for any mission in any environment, this easy to use, easy to pair, plug-and-play system is a cost-effective tool for observation, aiming and engagement in both broad daylight and extreme darkness.

Advantages of TI-GEAR-C:
- Ergonomic, User-Friendly Keypad
- Smooth and Precise Focus Adjustment
- Fast Germanium Objective Lens
- Can be Equipped with Weapon Mounts
- Can be Mounted Directly on a Dayscope
- Canadian-Made, ITAR-Free System, Available for Export
- Full-Size Colour AMOLED Display
- Multi-Use MIL-STD-1913 Side Mounting Bracket
- All-Aluminum Rugged Housing
- High-Performance, Auto-NUC Shutterless, Silent FPA