Starting at: $19,299.00

The Quadro-SLR is no ordinary sight. It is designed to outperform and outlast any optical-electronic scope on the market in every measurable way. This product is a result of years of research and development, collecting valuable feedback from professional end users. Powered by world-renowned performance, capabilities and versatility. It boasts a whole vista of innovative features and knowhows that are soon to become the gold standard in the optical-electronic industry.

75mm Objective Lens
24x Total Maginification
3380m Max. NATO Target Detection

Thanks to GSCI's patented multi-sensor technology, the Quadro-SLR operates in 5 primary modes:
- Thermal
- Daytime
- Nighttime
- Day-Fusion
- Night-Fusion

With the fusion mode engaged you are never left in pitch darkness. Both channels complementing each other produce real-time, no-lag video image and unmatched situation awareness. This is achieved by combining detailed images from the visible-near infrared and long-wave infrared ranges of spectrum.

The Quadro-SLR is designed to seamlessly integrate with other GSCI-made systems: especially the Advanced Rangefinding Unit QRF-4500 and the Universal Battery Pack MVP-240. Such package represents the industry-first and unique blend for the most challenging tactical scenarios in different weather and lighting conditions.