GSCI QUADRO-G Lightweight Fusion Goggle


The Quadro-G is the new augmented vision goggles for tactical surveillance, observation at short- and medium-range distances.
Along with selecting between visible/near-infrared (thermal) channels individually, GSCI’s Unique Patented technology allows to produce and display real-time, delay-free fusion image that superimposes all ranges of the spectrum from its sensors to successfully detect any target and defy poor lighting or weather conditions. Wide field of view allows for better situation awareness.
The unit is small and lightweight, and yet made of a hard-anodized aluminum for added strength and shock resistance. The unit is compatible with most head gears and helmet mounts for hands-free operation.

Advantages of QUADRO-S:
- Ergonomic full-size keypad, user-friendly interface
- High-Performance, auto-NUC, shutterless, silent FPA
- Fast germanium glass objective lens (far-infrared channel)
- All-aluminum rugged housing
- Canadian-made, non-ITAR system
- Battery compartment with “quick swap” battery holders
- Multi-Use top & slide picatinny mounting bracket
- Visible/near-infrared channel
- External power port & video-out
- Adjustable dovetail interface
- 100% Target detection capability
- Multi-mode 24/7 operation
- Portable dual eye system for helmet mounting