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  • GSCI PVS-7 Bi-OcularGSCI PVS-7 Bi-Ocular

    GSCI PVS-7 Bi-Ocular


    The PVS-7 is the standard issue goggle type supplied to the U.S. Military and its allies. Equipped with a factory new, high-performance image intensifier tube, the PVS-7 Battle-proven technology includes Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) which automatically adjusts the brightness of the image tube to achieve the highest quality image resolution under varying light conditions as well as a built-in

  • GSCI PVS-31C BinocularGSCI PVS-31C Binocular

    GSCI PVS-31C Binocular


    The fact is that a "dual tube" night vision optical system has proven to be more effective and safe for low light conditions compared to a "pseudo binocular" system, commonly known as "PVS-7", which is a "one lens - two eyes" type of NVD. The crucial issue in modern military is the "survivability" of a soldier.Depth perception of such "dual tube" device allows using this set for operating vario

  • 3351 Binocular3351 Binocular

    3351 Binocular


    The 3351 is a dualchannel night vision system. With an optional 51° field of view (FOV), it provides a large visual field without needing to move the binoculars. The 3351 uses advanced multi-coated optics and is built to last with a compact composite housing. Operating from a single AA alkaline battery or CR123A battery, the 3351 can run up to 20 hours. Also equipped with an integral infrared illu