GSCI NVR-714 Digital Recorder

Starting at: $1,999.00

The NVR-714 is the add-on plug-and-play system that attaches to the eyepiece of a night vision or daytime optical device and records the scene as viewed by an operator. It records what you see. An external display allows viewing the same image by two or more crew members. The NVR-714 is compatible with night vision monoculars, goggles, weapon sights as well as a wide variety of daytime optics.

The NVR-714 kit consists of the View-Module and a portable high-resolution display unit with built-in recorder for taking photos and recording videos. Recorded materials are saved on a high-speed microSD card (included) and can be viewed at any time on the display for post-mission briefings.

Two versions available: Single view-module (NVR-714-S) and Dual view-module (NVR-714-D)

Compatible GSCI Systems: PVS-14C, PVS-7, PVS-31C-MOD, PVS-14C-MOD, PVS-7-MOD

Features-See-through optical design
-Video output port
-High quality video and audio recording
-Fits PVS-14 / PVS-7 Night Vision Systems
-No effect on NVD's FOV
-Perfect tool for post-mission debriefings

-View-Module Camera: HD 720p @ 30FPS
-View-Module Dimensions (mm): 58 x 78 x 62
-View-Module Weight: 170g
-Display Dimensions (mm): 131 x 86 x 18
-Display Weight: 210g
-Effective Display Diagonal: 5"