GSCI HMD-800 Multi Purpose Head Mounted Mini Display


HMD-800 is an addition and a useful tool, in situations when the Operator has to be covert/undetected. The mini display is a self contained 3V battery operated device, can be used in conjunction with a vast variety of Thermal Imaging devices. HMD-800 can be used as a hand held device, pocket size mini monocular or it can be attached to various Head Gears / Helmet Mounts (HUB-14 needed).

GSCI may supply the unit with either fully adjustable, padded Head Gear or Helmet Mount which allow the unit to be flipped-up or quickly detached from the mask. A specially designed adapter HUB-14 allows to position the unit to either left or right eye, constantly keeping horizontal position of the display.

•High Performance OLED Display.
•Manual Display Brightness Control.
•Fully sealed, Waterproof IP67.
•Video-In: standard RCA, cable included.
•Self contained highly efficient power supply.
•UBX equipped.
•MIL-SPEC. fully compliant.