SILENTE is from “SICUT NOX SILENTES” the motto of the well-known N.O.C.S., Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza, (Central Security Unit), the State Police counter-terrorism special Unit.

SILENTE was submitted to the Unit, the Authorities, the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Chief of the State Police during the ceremony celebrating the N.O.C.S. 40th Anniversary.

SILENTE is unique in its kind and it performs unique needs: the handle is crafted in two parts and it works also as the grip of a clamp placed at the end of the handle itself.

Besides taking hold of everything that has the appropriate dimensions, the clamp can be used to cut wire-fences, wire-rods, steel cables, etc. and it can be used as a glass breaker thanks to the tungsten carbide insert placed at its end.

The sheath protects the cutting part while using the clamp in safety, but it can also release the blade with a retention system that can be activated quickly and silently.

It can be fastened at thigh or on M.O.L.L.E. system. It is integrated into the operator's equipment using minimum space.

Specifications:Weight: 338g
Blade Length: 163mm
Total Length: 309mm
Main Blade Thickness: 6.3mm
Blade Material: Bohler Steel N690 (58HRC)
Handle Material: Forprene
Main Griding: Flat
Blade Finishing: Burnishing MIL-C-13924