Level IV Ceramic Plate

Starting at: $199.00

Introducing the all-new Silicon Carbide Ceramic Plate (10x12"). This Level 4 Stand-alone plate is composed of premium Silicon Carbide that results in a lighter and thinner construction over conventional Ceramic Alumina. Price Per Plate.

Newly manufactured body armour. Don't trust your life to damaged/expired surplus.

•3/4" thick (10x12")
•Drop Resistant
•Multi-strike capability
•Anti-fragmentation carbon fiber
•Independently tested to withstand multiple hits of .300 Win Magnum
•No trauma
•Manufactured in USA using USA sourced materials (10x12")
•10 year manufacturer warranty (10x12")
•Front to back interchangeable
•Designed to protect from stabs and bullets
•Ballistic materials:
•Curved design of plate enhances mobility and wearing comfort

It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure all legal requirements are met in order to own this product. Personal ownership of body armour is not permitted in MB. The provinces of BC and AB permit personal ownership with PAL.

•Plate size: 10" X 12" x 3/4" (250 X 300 X 20mm),
•Weight: 2.29kg (5.0lbs)
•Color: Black
•Ballistic materials: Silicone Carbide, Spectra Kevlar layers
•Stand-Alone and Multi-Hit capable.
•Tested to comply with CanArmour Level 4 standards

•Plate size: 6" X 8" x 1" (150 X 200 X 27mm),
•Weight: 1.2kg (2.64lbs)
•Color: Black
•Ballistic materials: Ceramic, Alumina (Al2O3), GoldFlex Kevlar layers
•Stand-Alone and Multi-Hit capable.
•5 year manufacturer warranty