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The resolza is today one of the most famous traditional knives of our country. Its name has ancient origins and recalls the razor. This model was firstly produced in Sardinia some centuries ago and it has attended the island farmers and shepherds in their daily works. It followed them even when those men were called to war. The chronicles of the Sassari Brigade during World War One quote this knife in each soldier outfit. We want to make a tribute revisiting this knife following our standards. In doing this we do not want to hurt any prestigious Sardinian craftsman who still hands down tradition and wisdom of his ancestors.

Dimensions and proportions are the original ones with a 12 cm blade, but the materials and technologies are those of our production. The handle has been revised according to our style while the blade is closer to the original one. Extrema Ratio has improved the original version adding the liner lock.

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Specifications:Weight: 93g
Blade Length: 122mm
Total Length: 268mm
Main Blade Thickness: 3mm
Blade Material: Bohler Steel N690 (58HRC)
Handle Material: Anticorodal Anodized Aluminum
Blade Serration: No
Main Grinding: Flat
Blade Finishing: Burnishing MIL-C-13924
Product Code(s): 135RESBL 135RESSW