Kobra EKP-1S-03 Red Dot Sight


Introducing the legendary Kobra Red Dot Sight. The Kobra Sight is an easy to use, versatile and durable red dot with integrated side mount for attaching to AK or SVD standard interfaces.

The Kobra sight features a switchable reticle with four different types; Dot, T-bar, Chevron, and Chevron with dot. There are 16 levels of brightness adjustment to provide accurate target acquisition under any lighting condition, from bright sunlight to use with night vision. The Kobra sight includes a memory function where brightness level and reticle type data is automatically saved in sight memory and recovered when turning on the sight.

The sight is constructed for rugged military use from aluminum alloy and steel, with a non-reflective flat black finish. It is lightweight, robust and shockproof with a sealed body that is dustproof and waterproof to IP68 standards. It is designed to perform under extreme weather conditions ranging from - 40 to +50 С, including heavy snow, tropical rain, frost, fog, and desert heat. The Kobra passed all tests at Central Research Institute Totchmarsh (leading special-purpose products developer of Russian Federation), certification tests at FSUE TS (STiS), field tests at Krechet special operations detachment, troop tests at Intelligence Corps unit and performance tests from Special Task Unit of Department of Home Affairs of Russian Federation. The Kobra sight is battle proven and sees active duty including with elite Spetsnaz Special Forces and Law Enforcement Units. Kobra scopes have been continually improved and upgraded from feedback gained through combat experience and the EKP-1S-03 is in its third generation. Produced in Izhevsk, Russian Federation.

Elevation and windage adjustments are made by two separate wheels that are positioned on the top and on the right side of the unit. Both of the wheels are numbered from 0 to 7 in each direction. if additional adjustment is needed the tool provided can be used to loosen the slotted adjusting screw allowing the wheel to be removed from the stud and repositioned. Each number on the dial represents 3.1 centimeters at a distance of 100 meters. Once the sight is zeroed, the wheels can be adjusted to read 0 for zero reference.

Includes Red dot sight, Carrying pouch, Manual, Rubber sunshield, Cleaning wipe, Adjustment key

Important: Sight Only, T81 Mounting Hardware not included. This Sight will not fit on T81 Picatinny Side Mount adapter plate. For Mounting on Type 81 please see listing Here

Important: Kobra Sight Clamp may need to be tightened in order to provide a firm grip on adapter plate and ensure zero-holding. Click Here for instructions on how to tighten side clamp

Magnification: 1x, parallax free
Operating Temperature Range: -40 - +50 degrees Celsius
Dot size 1.8 MOA
Weight 410 g
Size 144x66x144mm
Power x1 CR2