GSCI J-Arm Adapter for PVS-14
  • Manufactured by: GSCI

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Details: J-Arm adapter is used adapt the TIM-14 Thermal Imaging Monocular or PBS-14/PVS-14C Night Vision Monocular to a headmount (HG-714M) or helmet mount(HM-714M). The J-Arm screws into the threaded hole in the TIM-14/PBS-14/PVS-14C body housing and lines up two contacts which complete an electrical circuit. This gives the J-Arm the ability to shut down power to the thermal imaging or night vision device when the user flips the mount into upright position. This function saves the user battery power allowing longer operating times.

Compatible with PVS-14 Omega, however requires removal of two small polymer tabs

Works well with Cadex Low Profile Flip-Up Mount (J-ARM-AD)

Three versions available (specify at checkout):
-Dovetail Interface (J-ARM-D)
-Dovetail Interface 3-way adjustable (J-ARM-AD)
-Bayonet/PVS-7 style (J-ARM-P)

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