Slant Compensator for Type 81 LMG (2020MY)
  • Manufactured by: Poly Technologies

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Details: Slant Compensator for Type 81 LMG.

Small, compact and lightweight option to reduce muzzle flip, specifically manufactured for Type 81 LMG. When firing offhand, the rifle will recoil up and away from support hand, therefore the idea for the slant compensator was born to counteract this diagonal movement. This compensator features 3 positions; off-hand right hand shooting, bench/bi-pod shooting and off-hand left hand shooting.

Manufactured in USA, Black Oxide Finish.

ImportantThis will not fit with Type 81 LMG's purchased in 2021 (serial numbers 20202001+) as these have a different threading that was not disclosed by factory. Compensators for 2021 Type 81 LMG's are currently in the process of being manufactured and should be available before end of the year.

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