Newcon LAM 10D
  • Manufactured by: Newcon Optik

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Details: Newcon Optik’s LAM series of weapon mounted laser aimers and illuminators are in service with military and police organizations worldwide. These military grade devices utilize powerful visible and infrared lasers to provide accurate aiming and bright night vision illumination from any weapon system or optical platform.

A sturdy, waterproof metal body houses the LAM 10D The 10D can be momentarily turned on or off with a remote membrane switch, which can be attached to a convenient place on a firearm with velcro tape. Using the momentary switch saves battery life and decreases the time the shooter can be seen through night vision devices. A simple reliable mechanism enables precise windage and elevation beam adjustment. Both Picatinny and barrel mounts are available. The 10M meets full military specifications. Compact but robust, precise and lightweight these aimers are the best choice for night missions.

The LAM 10D is a single channel IR laser aimer designed to reach out to 1,000m. For night operations, this simple, extremely lightweight device is the right choice for professional operators demanding unrivalled performance and reliability.

Comes with case, pressure switch, battery and manual. In stock and ready to ship.

Features:•Meets full military specifications
•Compact, lightweight
•Picatinny mount
•Windage / Elevation adjustment mechanism
•Remote control (membrane type switch)
•'Laser On' warning indicator
•Class 3B laser
•Waterproof 45m/1m

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