Military & Police

Tactical Imports Corp. is capable of catering to the special requirements of LE, DND and Government Agencies. We can work with you to fulfill your small arms and tactical equipment needs.

We have direct relationships to supply products from the following manufacturers for Canada:

•Alpha Optics

•China North Industries Corporation

•Fábricas y Maestranzas del Ejército de Chile (FAMAE)

•Fabryka Broni „Łucznik”- Radom Sp. z o.o

•General Starlight Company Inc

•KBP Instrument Design Bureau

•Newcon Optik

•Pioneer Arms Corporation

•Sero Trading and Marketing Ltd.

Our capabilites also allow us to supply products from nearly all small arms and tactical equipment manufacturers.

For more information please contact or call us at 416.570.3937

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