GSCI WOLFHOUND-C Clip-On Thermal Weapon Sight
  • Manufactured by: GSCI

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Details: The commercial thermal weapon sights WOLFHOUND have been a big hit among hunters all over the world. By popular demand, GSCI brings out a compact and affordable thermal sight for light-recoil firearms and short- to medium-range engagements: the WOLFHOUND-C.

Having the quick attach weapon mount, the WOLFHOUND-C can be quickly placed to the standard M1913 Picatinny rails in front of a daytime scope. This gives the operator the ability to deploy it on multiple weapon platforms without the need to have a dedicated thermal scope. While most of rival systems have FPA format 320x240, 9Hz, the WOLFHOUND-C offers FPA 384x288 with full frame rate: 50Hz. Such increase of the resolution and frame rate provides a User with much smoother-looking image, and clearer detail from increased shading/gradation. Frame Rate lag is almost zero during quick panning and tracking of fast-moving objects. WOLFHOUND-C can be paired with day time optics with various magnifications up to 8X.

The WOLFHOUND-C represents the best Clip-On thermal weapon scopes available on the market and these units cost several thousand dollars less than the government-purchase-only devices and available as commercial version to general public, it is clear that WOLFHOUND-C is a Winner!

Features-Shutterless & Silent Thermal Engine
-Quality, Low F# Objective Lens
-Low Power Consumption
-Digital Zoom controls 2X-4X
-Black Hot/White Hot Polarity
-Manual/Automatic Sensitivity Control
-Manual Brightness Control
-High Resolution 800x600 OLED display
-Rugged Design
-384x288 Full Frame Rate Thermal Engine
-24/7 Operation
-Hot Swappable Batteries
-Electronic Digital Collimator
-7-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
-Made in Canada. ITAR-free

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