GSCI TIB-5000 Thermal Goggles
  • Manufactured by: GSCI

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Details: The TIB-5000 series is a great tool for surveillance, search & rescue, perimeter control, and vehicle ID. The TIB-5000 are lightweight and rugged units with intuitive controls that offer an ease-of-use not seen in many thermal imagers on the market.

While most of rival systems have an FPA format of 320x240, 9-30 Hz, GSCI’s TIB-5000 offers, as a minimum performance guaranty, FPA’s with 384x288, 50-60 Hz. The increased resolution and frame rate provide the user with a smoother-looking image, plus clearer detail from increased shading/gradation. Frame Rate lag is almost zero during quick panning and tracking of fast-moving objects.

Ease of use is important in such devices as they are often shared among several officers or team members and the ability to pick up a unit and operate it effectively with minimal training is an invaluable asset. The controls are well-placed and easy to manipulate, even with gloves.

The TIB-5000 series can be used in many configurations including head/helmet, hand held and tripod mounted. The TIB-5000 also features the ability to be hooked up to an external video monitor or recorder.

Equipped with high quality, fast germanium lenses the TIB-5000 features optical magnification from 1X up to 4X and a low F-number. This allows the TIB-5000 to achieve impressive Long Range detection and recognition capabilities. The TIB-5000 systems are powered by just 2 AA Lithium batteries which provide up to 7 hours continuous operation.

Comes with video-out cable, carrying pouch, hard case, batteries and manual. Use of larger diameter lenses will increase range at the expense of FOV. Built to order by manufacturer, ships in 5 business days.

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Features:•7 year warranty
•Unparalleled Performance Uncooled FPA
•High Refresh Rate: up to 60 Hz
•Shutterless & Soundless XTi™ Technology
•Quality, Low F# Germanium Objective lens
•Low Power Consumption
•Digital Zoom controls 2x‐4x
•Black Hot/White Hot Polarity
•Manual/Automatic Sensitivity Control
•Manual Brightness Control
•High Resolution 800x600 OLED display
•Video Out
•MIL‐STD‐810E compliant
•Tripod Mountable
•Light Weight

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