GSCI PVS-31C Gen 3 Binocular
  • Manufactured by: GSCI

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Details: The fact is that a "dual tube" night vision optical system has proven to be more effective and safe for low light conditions compared to a "pseudo binocular" system, commonly known as "PVS-7", which is a "one lens - two eyes" type of NVD.

The crucial issue in modern military is the "survivability" of a soldier.Depth perception of such "dual tube" device allows using this set for operating various machines, boats etc., in addition to basic ground operations. PVS-31C is considered as the most favorable night vision goggles in new procurements regardless the higher cost while comparing with "one-tube-NVD".

PVS-31C is high performance modular, multi-purpose night vision binocular. Precisely and ruggedly built housing and optics meet and in some cases exceed military specifications.

PVS-31C can be used as a handheld device or with head gear, helmet mount assemblies for hands free use. Device has a built-in short range Infrared Illuminator, light overload sensor and Manual Gain Control (optional, with selected IIT).PVS-31C works with a single AA battery or with a single CR123 battery. Compatible with most IR laser aiming and illuminating devices and is fully MIL-STD-810E compliant and ITAR-free.

Comes with battery, lens cup, lens tissue, soft carrying case. Built to order by manufacturer, ships in 2-5 business days. Unfortunately due to the value of this item, payment has to be made through means other than credit card. Credit card orders will be reversed.

As per industry standard, some spots, dots, chicken wire or other cosmetic imperfections are allowed by tube manufacturers for commercial grade image intensifier tubes (CGT). Milspec grade image intensifier tubes have higher standards for cosmetic imperfections. Auto Gating can only be added to tubes with FOM 1600 and up.

Features•7 Year Warranty
•MIL‐STD‐810E Compliant
•Integral IR illuminators
•Waterproof IP67
•Automatic Brightness Control
•Uses commonly available AA or CR123 batteries
•40 hour operating time
•Small and lightweight
•Multiple uses modular design; including head/helmet mount, handheld, etc.
•J-Arm Magnetic Switch or Dovetail bracket attachments

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