Kobra Side Mount For Type 81


Introducing the Legendary Kobra Red Dot Sight for the Type 81. No-drill, Side Mount Installation for Type 81. The side mount installation is completely reversible and does not involve any drilling or permanent alterations to the rifle. Fits rifle and LMG versions. Compatible with Left Hand Shooting. For more details on Kobra Sight Click Here

The mount was custom engineered and manufactured specifically for the Type 81 rifle and was extensively tested to ensure reliability, durability and zero-holding properties. The mount consists of replacement hammer and trigger receiver pins with threaded ends on one side and hex indentations on the other. The replacement pins thread into the adapter plate, while the safety is replaced with a right-hand safety. The side mount is quick-detach and fits over the adapter plate.

The pins are custom manufactured in the USA of Grade 8.8 strength steel while the adapter plates are precision machined in Canada of 6061 T6 alloy with Mil 8625 Type 3 Hardcoat.

Comes with threaded trigger pin, threaded hammer pin, adapter plate, right hand safety and Kobra EKP-1S-03 Sight.

Important: Kobra Sight mount may require adjustment of throw lever to fit properly on adapter plate. A tight fit requiring a decent amount of pressure is recommended for best zero-holding properties. To adjust throw lever, rotate retainer plate on base of throw lever counterclockwise. Once loose this can be used to tighten nut. Re-install retainer plate.

Installation Instructions: Click Here

Important: Kobra Sight Clamp may need to be tightened in order to provide a firm grip on adapter plate and ensure zero-holding. Click Here for instructions on how to tighten side clamp

Magnification: 1x, parallax free
Operating Temperature Range: -40 - +50 degrees Celsius
Dot size 1.8 MOA
Weight 410 g
Size 144x66x144mm
Power x1 CR2