Dealer Sales

Being a dealer for Tactical Imports has never been easier. There are several advantages to being a dealer for our products:

No Dealer Account Required

Tactical Imports does not have a dealer account program. You don’t need to send photos of your store, write an essay on why we should supply to you, fill out an application or be interviewed by a company rep. As long as you have your firearms business license and a storefront you’re pretty much good to go.

Pricing: the way YOU want

In-store pricing can be as high or low as your store sees fit..

No Yearly Minimums

Order as much or as little as you want, without having to worry about meeting yearly minimums.

The More you Spend the More you Make

On most of our products we offer tiered dealer pricing; with specific incentives for larger orders and booking ahead of time.

Full Warranty Coverage

Products ordered from Tactical Imports are covered by our warranty policy. We repair, fix or replace defective products and products broken during normal usage.

Top Notch Service

Whether it is asking questions, sending in products for servicing or placing orders, Tactical Imports is fast and ready to respond to voicemails, emails and phone calls. No more unanswered emails or unreturned phone calls.

For dealer sales please contact us at or 800.994.6223.
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