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BRS-99 Tactical
  • Manufactured by: Fabryka Broni Łucznik

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Details: The BRS-99 Tactical is a semi automatic variant of the PM-06 submachine gun developed in Poland by the famed Fabryka Broni Łucznik. The PM-06 is a personal firearm intended for combat and self-defense at ranges up to 150m. It features a compact design, minimum overall dimensions, small weight, exceptional accuracy, solid fire stability, and high reliability in harsh environments. It sees use with heavy combat equipment crews, reconnoitering detachments, special anti-terrorist and police troops.

The Tactical version features PM-06 model improvements including an ambidextrous fire selector (not pictured), top mounted picatinny rail, 90 degree cocking handle to facilitate charging with mounted optics and a 3 position straight telescoping rear stock. The straight telescoping stock diverts recoil horizontally, compared to the downward angled stock of previous generations that resulted in vertical recoil/muzzle rise during firing.

The BRS-99 is equipped with a number of unique design features including a telescoping bolt that reduces the overall length of the receiver, a no-tools quick change barrel system and ergonomic oversized controls for ease of use with winter gloves. The BRS-99 is incredibly flat shooting and highly accurate, a satisfying shooter that finds its way as a range-day staple.

Comes with x1 5/15 magazine, barrel shroud, sling, drop-leg holster, cleaning kit, and manual. Comes standard with rounded handguard, folding foregrip handguard is optional extra.

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Features:•3-position straight telescoping butt stock
•MIL-STD-1913 picatinny rail
•90 degree cocking handle to facilitate charging with mounted optics
•Enlarged trigger guard for firing in winter conditions
•No tools quick change barrel system
•Chrome lined barrel
•Ambidextrous fire selector

Specifications:Caliber: 9x19
Effective Range: 150m
Magazine Capacity: 5/15, 5/25
Method of Operation: Blowback, Closed bolt
Trigger Mechanism: Internal Hammer, Double Stage
Mechanical Safety: Blocking Hammer, Breechblock and Trigger
Sights: Set at 75m, Rear: User Selected U-notch or Peephole, Front: Post, Height Adjustable
Length with Stock Retracted: 395mm
Length with Stock Extended: 610mm
Barrel Length: 185mm
Sight Radius: 280mm
Weight, Empty: 2500g

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