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Details: A particular situation created in the early years of the first world war found soldiers in increasingly more complex confined situations. These situations demanded the formation of units who over time had to excel in hand to hand combat. Our assault units the “Arditi” had their own knife. They made these knives by cutting off the tips of their long bladed “Vetterli” bayonets of 1870 which in the past had been problematic due to its long and unwieldly length.

Today on the occasion of its centenary, we remember this important piece of Italian military history with a celebratory version of 1,918 pieces only. This version comes with black blade and a black cordura sheath.

Should you like further history and background to this unique knife you may find more in the book "Storia dell'arma bianca italiana" by Cesare Calamandrei ISBN 978-88-253-0199-1

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Specifications:Weight: 224g
Blade Length: 167mm
Total Length: 270mm
Main Blade Thickness: 6.3mm
Blade Material: Bohler Steel N690 (60HRC)
Handle Material: Polymer
Main Griding: Flat
Blade Finishing: Burnishing MIL-C-13924

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